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Summer’s here, and the Colorado heat is in full blaze. While the late-May snowfall might have left you feeling unprepared for the hot months ahead, the experienced professionals at Denali Roofing are here with some tips to keep you cool this summer. There’s nothing more miserable than being hot and sweaty in your home and feeling like there is no possible way to escape the heat. Your comfort and safety are our priority at Denali Roofing, so let’s all embrace the summer months and beat the heat, together!

First Things First—Your Roof

Have you checked your roof recently to confirm that it is free of damages and leaks? As you know, not only have we experienced our fair share of snow and heat, we’ve also seen days of nonstop wind, rain and hail. (Remember the tornado warning, earlier this month?) Every type of weather, including the heat, can affect your roof differently. Your shingles take a beating throughout the year! If you haven’t yet inspected your roof, go ahead and do that now. Yes, right now. We’ll wait. If, on the other hand, you have already checked out your roof, good for you! What did you notice? Even if your roof appears to be in perfect shape, minus a few missing shingles, it’s best to enlist the help of our roofing experts for a free and fast inspection. This way, you can relax at home knowing that the sky will not be falling anytime soon.

Strategically Open and Close Windows

If you don’t have air conditioning, it may seem like opening the windows in your home is a good idea to help circulate air—this is both true and untrue. If you are someone who leaves their windows open all day and night, your home is probably quite toasty at all times. This is where a little strategizing and game planning comes in. You should be opening your windows in the evening, when it starts to cool down outside, and leaving them open throughout the night until the morning, when it starts to get warm again. At this point, run frantically throughout your home and close all of the windows! You don’t want to let the precious cool air out of your house. Once all windows are closed, turn on any ceiling or floor fans you have. This will help circulate the cooler air that is already in your home. When you leave the windows open all day, you are only welcoming the heat into your home with open arms. And it is very difficult to cool your home to a comfortable temperature after you’ve been letting heat in all day.

Closing Drapes and Shades

If you’ve mastered the art of strategic window opening and closing, use this tip in conjunction with that strategy for maximum cool. Although closing windows will help prevent some heat from entering your home, the sun is relentless in its quest to warm your home—especially if you have lots of windows! This is why, in addition to closing your windows during the day, you need to close your drapes, shades and curtains. Your drapes help keep out visible and UV light, which prevents them from turning your home into one giant oven. Even a portable sunscreen or piece of cardboard will do wonders in helping maintain cooler climates in your home.

Snack Coolly

If you’ve maneuvered warm weather before, it’s likely your freezer is currently stocked with popsicles, ice cream and trays on trays of ice cubes. When you think of summer, don’t you picture yourself sitting poolside eating a strawberry mango popsicle? Or laying in a hammock drinking a glistening glass of ice cold lemonade? Enjoying cold treats and beverages is the perfect way to celebrate summer without feeling overwhelmed by the heat. If you’re looking for something to snack on other than ice cream or popsicles, try freezing a bag of grapes or a can of mandarin oranges. Both are icy cool treats that are absolutely delicious and perfect for snacking. If you have little ones, creating your own juice-based popsicles is always fun! Buy a couple of different flavored juices (or juice concentrates) and do some mixing and matching to find the perfect combinations.

Avoid Mid-Day Cooking

Maybe you need to get a head start on a special dinner or perhaps you are starting your meal prep for the week. Regardless of the reason, you should try to avoid cooking your meals during the heat of the day. If you are only making cold dishes like fruit platters or salads, you’re good to go. However, if you need to use the stove or oven, start cooking early in the morning or later in the evening when it starts to cool down. As a rule of thumb, don’t use your kitchen utilities when your windows and drapes are closed. When you finally do open your windows, get your cook on!  In short, turning on the stove or oven is only going to heat up your home, leaving you in that horrible predicament where escaping the heat seems impossible.

Cold Showers and Compresses

Your windows are closed. The curtains are drawn. You have a popsicle in hand and haven’t cooked a single thing all day, but you are still uncomfortably warm. It happens! At this time, it’s important to start focusing on your personal body temperature rather than on the room temperature. A cold shower or bath will always provide immediate relief from the heat. If you are someone who cannot bear the thought of a cold shower, try this instead: wet several different bandanas and keep them in the freezer or fridge. When you are really feeling the heat, wrap one around your head, neck or wrists. It will provide an instant cool-down.

Dress In Less

Remember when your mom told you to cover your head and wear extra socks during the cold winter months? Well, reverse that theory during the summer. Heat is released through your head and feet, which is why you want to keep both covered during the winter. During the summer months, though, the last thing you want it to retain extra heat. Ditch your hats and socks and opt for visors and sandals instead. Summer is also a good time to experiment with shorter haircuts or shaved heads. Also avoid heavy, layered clothing. If you are concerned about protecting your skin from the sun, invest in a quality, high-SPF sunscreen rather than wrapping yourself in long-sleeved shirts and pants.

The Power of Solar

If you’re finally cool and calm in your home, congratulations, you have beat the heat! With this newfound sense of “cool,” you may find yourself overly confident and wondering, “Now that I’ve beat the heat, is there a way I can actually use the power of the sun to my benefit?” We’re glad that you asked, and the answer is “Yes!” The professionals at Denali Roofing are experts at installing and repairing all types of roofs. We are also experienced at installing solar panels! Solar shingles are not only highly desirable if you ever decide to sell your home, they are also cost-effective and will save you lots of money in utility bills! If you are interested in learning more about the roofing services we offer or want to schedule your free and fast roofing inspection, give Denali Roofing a call today!