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Is a solar roof truly cost effective?

Make your roof not only a force of protection and beauty but also one of efficiency. Your solar roof is an active part of your house, generating an ongoing return into your pocket as you save on energy costs. Become part of the solution to preserve the earth’s resources. Consider this: the out of pocket expense to install a solar roof may be more than a conventional roofing system. However, your savings over time will be quite notable. Here are a few things to keep in mind:


Tax Credits

You may be eligible for a 30 percent federal tax credit.


Increase Home Value

Bump up the pricetag on your home when it comes time to resell



Offset Material Costs

You will save on the materials that would be installed on that part of your roof anyway.


Resell Quicker

A home with solar shingles is highly desirable and likely to spend less time on the market.



Local Incentives

You may be eligible for local incentives from your state and utility companies.



Energy Savings

Watch your utility bills go down!


A solar roof is a powerful and cost effective addition to any home.



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