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Maintenance Schedules for Commercial Properties


Maintenance is one of the many things that anyone caring for a building needs to take seriously. When you’re the owner or manager of a commercial property, the maintenance that you schedule is absolutely going to minimize the chances of damage happening down the road, which is exactly why it’s so important that you prioritize maintenance throughout the year. 

The team at Denali Roofing, located in Fort Collins, has years of experience helping commercial properties maintain, repair, and replace the roof of their building. In today’s blog, we are going to talk about a few of the ways that you can focus on and schedule the maintenance that your commercial building needs. 

Time-Based Maintenance

This form of maintenance takes time into consideration. One of the best examples is your air filter — right off the bat you know that it’s something that needs to be checked and changed every six months. Time-based maintenance is one of the most common ways that people schedule their routine maintenance. Not only is it an easy way of managing when certain things need to be done, but it is a beneficial schedule for both preventative care and catching issues early on. 

Risk-Based Maintenance

We just mentioned preventative care, something that is incredibly important when looking to avoid larger problems from arising. Risk-based maintenance is a scheduling strategy that decreases the chances of bigger problems from happening. Essentially, by scheduling maintenance, you minimize the chances of failure making it easier to determine what the root of the problem is in these instances. This is a popular choice for many people because, while more costly upfront, risk-based maintenance can help increase the lifetime of your commercial property.

Condition-Based Maintenance

Another way that many individuals schedule their maintenance is based on the condition of the item that needs to be inspected. In these instances, individuals will do a quick examination of whatever it may be that needs maintenance to get a feel for the condition. These quick exams often look at: visuals, sounds, smells, vibrations, wear and tear, temperature, and the like. If there are various issues happening based off an exam, then maintenance will be called to come and repair them. 

Failure-Finding Maintenance

Without a doubt, one of the most common ways that people schedule maintenance for their commercial property is by contacting a professional only when there is a repair that needs to be made. While this isn’t the ideal way to tackle maintenance, it is a method that yields results. With that being said, failure-finding maintenance can become more expensive because these once small problems have grown and lead to further damage. Aside from the cost, failure-finding maintenance doesn’t always guarantee repairs in a timely manner, making it a frustrating option in that sense. 

Let Denali Roofing Help with Your Maintenance

Given that your roof is such a vital part of your commercial property, we do recommend a maintenance schedule that minimizes the chances of severe damage. But, regardless of which maintenance schedule you’ve created for your commercial building, Denali Roofing can help. If you’re interested in learning more about the commercial roof services that we offer in the Fort Collins area, or you’d like to schedule your services today, contact our office. Our team is always happy to answer questions and point you in the right direction!


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