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Deciding Between Roof Repair and Roof Replacement


Deciding whether you need to replace your entire roof or if roof repair is sufficient can be a difficult choice for any homeowner to make. Roof replacement is quite an investment — but what if roof repair is not enough? 

In today’s blog post, we are going to discuss how to decide whether roof repair or roof replacement is the best way to go for you. Continue reading to learn more and if you need any roof services in Northern Colorado or Southern Wyoming, contact Denali Roofing in Fort Collins. 

The Condition of Your Roof

The first thing that you should consider when trying to decide whether to repair or replace your roof is the overall condition of your roof. Is there just one area that has been damaged or are there many areas that need attention? Are you dealing with just a bit of storm damage or is the damage due to years of wear and tear? If your roof is in generally good condition, repair may be the way to go. 

The Age of Your Roof

If your roof is getting a bit older, think 20 years or more, then you may be better off investing in an entire roof replacement. At this point, you can continue to repair patches on your roof, but if part of your roof is damaged due to age and wear and tear, it is likely that the rest of your roof is not far behind. 

The Difference in Cost

A roof replacement is a large investment, while repairs are typically more affordable. However, repairs can add up quickly if your roof is a bit older. If a year or two’s worth of roof repairs are going to cost you a significant amount of money, you may be better off putting that money towards a roof replacement. Keep in mind that even though a new roof can be expensive, you will be less likely to spend anything on repairs for the next few years unless you experience storm damage — and at Denali Roofing, we offer special financing to help make a roof replacement affordable. 

Your Home’s Energy Efficiency 

When you are deciding whether you should repair or replace your roof, you should consider your home’s energy efficiency. If your energy bills have slowly increased over the past few years, it could be due to an aging roof. A new roof will help decrease your energy bills for years after installation. 

Roof Deck Damage

If your roof has deck damage, it may be in your best interest to invest in a roof replacement. In order to fix deck damage, at least a section of your roof will have to be removed. This is one of those instances where it’s worth spending a bit more money to get the job done right. 

Start With a Free Roof Inspection

If you are considering whether you should have your roof repaired or replaced, the roofing contractors at Denali Roofing in Fort Collins can help. We’ll come out and conduct a free roof inspection and provide you with our honest, educated opinion of which is the best course of action. If you live in Northern Colorado or Southern Wyoming, contact us today for your free roof inspection.


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