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Get To Know Fort Collins In 2017 – 4 Unforgettable Adventures


We are gearing up for an unforgettable 2017 here in the front range, and want to share with you some favorite local ways to get to know Fort Collins in a whole new way in the coming year. Whether you’ve lived here your whole life, or are new to the Fort Collins area, here are four memorable ways to see Fort Collins this year!

Take a Historic Tour Through Old Town—From Underground!

Preserved by the efforts of locals, as well as the city’s historic preservation program, the Historic Old Town of Fort Collins is not only the place to be on a Friday night—but a storehouse of rich history. Many people have gone to great lengths to protect and preserve the city’s history, and for good reason.

Whether you want to keep it a bit traditional with a private walking, horse and buggy, or bus tour, or you want to add a bit of thrill to the adventure with an underground ghost tour—Fort Collins Tours is sure to have the perfect adventure for your 2017 bucket list.

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Take a Bike And Beer Tour

Underground ghost tours not quite your thing? Why not hop on a bike, enjoy a brew, and learn the interesting ins and outs of our city from those who share a great passion for Fort Collins? Showcasing the stunning scenery of the front range, paired with prized local brews—this tour will be an unforgettable outing to add to your 2017 Fort Collins Bucket List.

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Take a Ride Through The Roosevelt National Forest

Sitting just on the edge of Fort Collins, the Roosevelt National Forest begs to be explored. The Beaver Meadow Stables offer a truly unique way to explore the national forest—from horseback. Pen it on your calendar—a one to two hour ride through the breathtaking landscape, and experience our local natural area like never before.

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Get A New Perspective From The Water


Walking, biking, and horse back riding are great ways to explore new areas of Fort Collins—but how about a whole new perspective from the water? Acclaimed as “The Most Scenic SUP’n On The Front Range” Mountian’ Sup pairs the calm of the water with the brilliance of mountain views, taking beginner to experienced Stand Up Paddleboarders on an adventure not soon to be forgotten. Just one thing to be aware of—try it once, and you might get hooked.

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Newcomers as well as those who have grown up in Fort Collins can agree on this—there is always more to explore! With a city so rich in history, and surrounded by magnificent natural area, the promise of adventure waits around every corner, and these 4 ways to see Fort Collins this year are just the beginning!


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