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Benefits of Replacing Your Roof Before the Summer Season


The roof of your home is something that you rely on to keep you safe and warm during the various storms that Mother Nature brings on throughout the year. When your roof is in less than ideal condition, you wind up with leaks and expensive repairs. Whether the roof of your home is in poor condition or you’ve needed to have your roof repaired for quite some time, this is the year to get a quote on your project and make it a reality!

While summer months are the most common time for roofs to get repaired, there are plenty of benefits to getting your roof replaced before the summer season. In today’s blog post, the team at Denali Roofing in Fort Collins will go over some of the reasons that we always suggest thinking about the off-season for your roof replacement. Let’s get started.

Off-Season Prices

The reason that so many people choose to have their roof replaced during the off-season is because of the difference in price. As with most services, scheduling a project during the off-season can save a significant amount. Because this is the slower time of year for most roofing companies, you can count on saving a little bit of money by taking advantage of timing.


Summer is the most common season for people to get their roofs replaced, which makes it extremely difficult to get a project booked. If you wind up in need of an emergency repair during the summer months, it’s going to be extremely difficult to get it taken care of. Rather than leave yourself high and dry in a time where you need quality services relatively quick, get your project scheduled prior to the season starting so that no further damages happen during the summer months. 

Good Weather

When it comes to replacing a roof, the weather needs to be right. If it’s too cold, workers won’t be able to tackle the project in a timely manner, while too hot of weather can slow down the process for routine water breaks. Aside from the capabilities of workers during various weather circumstances, good weather is necessary for a quality roof placement. Scheduling your roof replacement prior to summer gives you perfect weather conditions for both the roofers and the materials needed for the roofing project. 

Avoid Major Storms

While there’s not much you can do to avoid physical storms, you absolutely can do your best to ensure that your home is prepared to endure all that they bring. Summer in Colorado is definitely a sunny and warm time of the year, but there are also wild thunder and hail storms. If you want to minimize the chances of dealing with leaks or severe roof damage, get your roof taken care of before the storm season hits. 

Save Energy

Aside from the major storms that you’ll be able to protect yourself and your home from, you can also count on saving tons of money because your house will be so much more energy efficient! Here in Colorado, the summer and winter months are easily the two seasons where we are spending the most on heating and cooling our home. With that in mind, by tackling your roof ahead of time and improving your home’s efficiency before these months come around, you’ll be able to save energy and enjoy tons of savings!

Prevent Bigger Problems

When it comes to your roof, the money and time that you put into it will prevent you from having to invest more in the long run. What we mean to say is, getting your roof repaired or replaced, though costly upfront, can lead to savings and preventing larger problems in the future. With summer and winter being storm-heavy, you can prevent tons of bigger problems from happening by simply prioritizing a replacement before these seasons arrive.

Schedule Your Roofing Project

If your home is in need of a roof replacement, you can always count on the team at Denali Roofing to get the job done. For years, our residential roofing company has provided high-quality services to homeowners in the Fort Collins area. Whether you need a routine checkup done to your roof, standard maintenance, quick repairs, or a full-blown roof replacement — we’ve got you covered. 

Contact our office today to get a quote on your roofing services!


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