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How to Choose a Shingle Color for Your Home’s Roof


When it comes to installing a new roof on your home, there are so many different decisions that need to be made. From finding the right roofing company to get the job done to the types of materials that you’d like to be used, it can be a bit of an overwhelming process. One of the parts that most people love getting to do, however, is choosing the color of the shingles. There’s something exciting and satisfying about choosing the color that will contribute to the exterior of your home. 

If you’re in process of getting the roof of your home replaced, then you’re definitely going to come across the need to choose a color for the singles that are used. That is why, in today’s blog post, the team at Denali Roofing — Fort Collins’ Top Rated Local ® Roofing Company — will be going over a few of the things that we suggest taking into consideration when choosing  a shingle color. Let’s dive in.


Siding Color

One of the first things that you’re going to want to take into consideration is the color of the siding. At the end of the day, the overall color of your home is definitely going to play a part in what color shingles do and don’t look good. As you browse through the color options, you want to make sure that you’re considering colors that offer a contrast to the siding without being overly disruptive to the exterior of your home. So, for example, if the color of your siding is light, choose a siding color that’s on the darker side. 

Balance and Blending

The next thing that you’re going to want to consider is how the colors and shades blend together. When choosing a color for the shingles of your home, it’s good to choose a color that compliments the color of your siding. Aside from that, these colors should blend beautifully and balance the appearance of your house. 

As we said earlier, having siding that is light and shingles that are dark can help create contrast, but it can also help to create balance. When the majority of your house is a light siding, darker shingles and a darker trim can help to create a balance and keep your house from looking bottom-heavy. This can also be done by incorporating a darker color into the trim and details of your home.


Color is going to be one of the main decisions that needs to be made in regards to the shingles of your home, but it’s not the only one. Texture is another factor that plays a part in the shingles you wind up choosing. As you go about looking at various colors, make sure to also consider what the texture of the material will look like along with that color. Is it something that will compliment your home? If not, consider going with a different color where the texture is more subtle.

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