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Ways Wind Can Damage Your Home’s Roof


There are various forms of Colorado weather that we know can damage our roof, but we very rarely think of wind as something that can do serious damage. Even though it might not be the most common form of damage that our roof will experience, it is most certainly something that you, as a homeowner, want to be aware of — especially with the winds we’re experiencing right now.

In today’s blog, the team at Denali Roofing in Fort Collins is going to cover a few of the different ways that the wind can damage your roof so that you know what to look for. Let’s dive right in!

Remove Shingles Entirely

One of the most common ways that wind can damage a roof is by completely removing the shingles from a roof. When winds are high, it’s easy for them to make their way under the corners and edges of the roof. When this happens, the roof becomes extremely susceptible to damage and shingles begin to curl, rip, and separate fully from the roof. 

The easiest way to spot this type of damage is by inspecting your roof for any missing shingles after there were high winds. You may be able to see a few areas where shingles are missing, but having a professional come through and inspect the entire roof for missing shingles is the most efficient way to catch any damages due to the wind. 

Items Blowing Over

When we think of wind, we don’t often think about the fact that heavy items can be blown over. Something that we see quite a bit of with high winds is trees that are completely blown over onto the roofs of a home. Though that is one of the most common items that we see blown over, there are also power lines and light poles that end up being blown over onto the roofs of homes. 

This is easily one of the worst-case scenarios of high winds given that it can severely damage the roof of your home, create electrical problems, and put your family in danger. Though there’s no way to fully prevent this from happening, there are ways to be proactive and avoid the chances of this happening at your home. By calling a professional roofing company out to inspect your home’s roof, you can get a good idea of the items that could potentially blow over and damage your home. 

Contact Denali Roofing Today

Winds have been pretty crazy the last couple of days, and the last thing that you want is for them to lead to any damage to your roof. Denali Roofing is dedicated to providing the Fort Collins area with high-quality roofing services. Whether you’ve already experienced some damage from the winds or you’re wanting to do your best to avoid the chances of damaging from happening in the future, our team can help. 

Contact our roofing company today and let us know which roofing services you’re interested in. Be it routine maintenance or repair, we’ll provide you with a quote and get you taken care of in no time! 


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