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Greeley Hail Damage Has Left Many Homes Vulnerable


Greeley Colorado and the surrounding areas have been hit pretty hard again this year by hail and high winds, leaving many homes vulnerable to devastating and costly damage. Hail damage takes many forms, and most of us are acquainted with its evidence hanging around long after the piles of hail have melted. Greeley hail damage is a real concern for homeowners and property owners, and there are a few things you should be aware of.

If you live in or near Greeley, Ault, LaSalle, Platteville, or anywhere else west of I-25, then there is a good chance that your home has sustained hail damage from recent storms.

“How Long Do I Have To File A Claim?”

For most of the area, the clock has been reset on the time frame for when you can make an insurance claim to fix damage from this summer’s storms. In general, insurance companies allow around 12 months to begin a claim on damage sustained this summer, and previous damage may also still be covered.

There are many things that hail easily leaves its mark on after it has hit, and we are all aware of the most frustrating: a hail damaged car. But some homeowners are not aware that your home, although it may not seem to show many of the same tell-tale dings, may be vulnerable to leaks if the roof, windows, or siding have been damaged. When hail compromises shingles, there are two main categories: Hail bruising, and hail damage.

What Is Hail Bruising?

When your roof has been bruised by hail, the hail removes the protective stone granules from your shingles, greatly limiting your roof’s life span. The granules on your shingles not only provide aesthetic appeal, but also provide protection for the waterproofing elements in the rest of the shingle. Once the granules have been knocked off, the northern Colorado sun can make quick work of the shingle, quickly exposing the matting and rendering the shingle weak and highly susceptible to rain and wind penetrating through it. Hail bruising may seem minor, but can lead to costly damage. It is best to call a local roofer to assess the damage before the situation worsens.

Hail Damage

If your roof has hail damage, most commonly cause by hail golfball-sized and larger, then the hail has not only knocked the granules off of the shingles, but has done much worse. Greeley hail damage from 2016 storms has been reported to this extent, with this kind of damage. This damage breaks through the fiberglass matting, immediately allowing water to get underneath of the shingle. If you suspect that your roof may have hail damage, then immediately call a trusted local roofer to inspect and assess the situation.

What To Expect From Your Free Roof Inspection

Often we find that customers were not home at the time of a hail storm, but heard that hail struck their neighborhood, and are concerned that they may have hail damage. Additional evidence for hail damage can be seen on other metal or brittle objects. Gutters and downspouts are made of a thinner metal, and can reveal a lot of information about the damage done to your property. Small branches and leaves in your yard, and damage to your car, siding, and windows are other good indicators of hail damage.

Whether you heard about the storm word-of-mouth, experienced it yourself, or if you are simply concerned about the reliability of your roof, don’t hesitate to call a trusted local roofer for a free inspection. Greeley hail damage, as well as hail damage in the surrounding areas, is nothing new to local roofing companies that have been serving this area for some time. A local, reputable roofer will be able to walk you through the insurance claim process, should you qualify for compensation. An inspection can be done while you are home, or even when you are not around if your schedule is full. A reputable roofer will be able to show you photos of your roof that will reveal the extent of the damage, and provide a professional opinion on whether your roof needs to be repaired, replaced, or if it can or if it can weather another Colorado summer!


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