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The Warranty To Look For When Having Your Roof Replaced


Ideally, when it comes time to replace your roof, the process will be smooth, simple, and quick. However, on the rare occasion that something goes not as planned, you need to make sure that your roof is covered by a warranty both for the materials that were installed, as well as the installation itself.

In our last post, we dove into the ins and outs of what you need to know about material warranties (Read it here). We covered why a “Lifetime Warranty” is not necessarily for life, and how an “Extended Warranty” can greatly benefit you as a homeowner.

Now we want to dive a little bit deeper, and explain what you need to know about Workmanship Warranties.

In our last post, we explained that an “Extended Warranty” oftentimes includes coverage for workmanship on your roof project. However, this coverage is limited, and it is best to make sure that the contractor you are working with can also provide a workmanship warranty.

These warranties, which usually cover a roof for 2-5 years, provide a safety net for your roof and budget in the case that the roofing material would be improperly installed.

Even reputable, local roofing contractors can find themselves in a situation where the project did not run as smoothly as they anticipated, and corrections need to be made. This is exactly the situation in which the most committed, genuine companies will differentiate themselves from those companies looking to cut corners.

This is why it is of utmost importance to you as a homeowner to do some research on the front end, and choose to work with a quality company who will stand behind their work, and graciously return to your project and make corrections if the need arises.

If a problem arises in which you believe there to be a defect in materials, or oversight by the installers, then a quality roofing company will gladly come out to assess the damage, determine the cause, and provide you with the best possible solution.

This is what a workmanship warranty is all about. It is about a local company in the business of serving their neighbors with quality work; one who is more than willing to go the extra mile in ensuring that the outcome of your project exceeds your expectations.

We realize that having your roof replaced is no small decision, and no small investment. That is why we recommend that, whoever you choose to work with on your new roof, provides you with quality options for both material and workmanship warranties. You should have that peace of mind during your project, knowing that your home and your investment are covered.

So let us summarize the most important steps for you, as a homeowner, to take when it comes to warranties.

  1. Choose a local, reputable contractor (based in your city, working in your area for five or more years)
  2. Make sure they offer an Extended Warranty for materials
  3. Make sure they offer a Workmanship Warranty through their company to cover installation for at least two years

Taking these extra steps can make all the difference when it comes to peace of mind, and the success of your roofing project!


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