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What To Know When A Roofer Comes Knocking On Your Door


The doorbell rings, and you sense it. Not expecting it, you already know—-a salesmen of some sort. You breathe a heavy sigh, and head for the door. You kindly say hello and brainstorm for a way to duck out of their spiel early on. We’ve all been there.

Perhaps you have experienced this scenario shortly after storms roll through your town, and now there is a roofer at your door, offering a free inspection and estimate. Do you allow this stranger on your roof—do you trust them? Here are a few things you should know when a roofer comes knocking.

First, acquaint yourself with the term “storm chaser”. This a term that refers to out-of-town companies that follow storms as a strategy of selling more work. They may be good companies—but it is hard to know when they’re just rolling through after the storm.

For one, these companies may not carry the local licensing required for roofing jobs in your area. It is also doubtable that they are familiar with local regulations and HOA guidelines. Further, since they are just in town for the aftermath of the storm, if a problem arises later on with your roof, they are not around to come and correct the issue.

Beware Of “We’ll Waive Your Deductible!” Promises

Another thing to beware of when a roofer comes to your door are promises of “We’ll waive your deductible!” It sounds enticing. Who doesn’t want a free roof, without having to shell out their insurance deductible? However, promises like these are almost always against the law. They may phrase it in many ways. “We’ll reimburse your deductible!”, “We offer deductible assistance!”, and “Get your roof free!” are just some terms you might hear. But your deductible is there for a reason, and companies looking to gain more work use unlawful strategies to “get around” your insurance deductible. It’s best to stand clear of these promises, and kindly thank them for their time before shutting the door.

What if you really do need a professional roof inspection?

But what if hail has hit your neighborhood, and you truly are in need of a qualified contractor to offer a free inspection, walk you through any possible insurance claims, and offer you a sound estimate? Well, you are best to stick local.Choose a company who has been working in your area for at least five years, and has a home office in or near your city. This way, if any issues arise after your project, your contractor is ready at hand to respond and address the issue.

4 Questions To Ask When There Is A Roofer At Your Doorstep

  • Where is your home office?

  • How long have you been managing projects in this area?

  • Do you carry all current licensing, and may I see the documents?

  • Will you personally be on hand to manage the project before, during, and after it is completed?

These are a few questions that will help sort out anyone you don’t want on your roof. If the salesperson on your doorstep does not provide satisfactory answers to those questions, it’s best to move on, and call a local, reputable contractor to come out and inspect your roof.


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